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       *** I really appreciate the Bowling Fingers and I am so glad that I found you. I could'nt imagine the consistence of my release. I think that your Bowling Fingers design is AWESOME. Thank you so much! Jose M.- California

Thanks this is a good fit.  I really can see the difference in my ball's movement! I get more hook, use it everytime I bowl...yes my game has improved! rated 10 out of 10

Edwin R. - Monee, Illinois

My name is Ivan G. and I purchased your Bowling Fingers.  Last night I shot a 722 series!  Thank you very much, I appricate it!

Ivan G.. - Chicago, Illinois



My thoughts:  Good product.  I gave the first one to a bowling partner who was struggling with release.  Bowling fingers helped to correct his problem.  Others have asked about it, as the leagues begin, I will have more referrals.

Vivian - Frankfort, Illinois



 *** A well made product that has made a big difference in my game!  I use them all the time to help past my arthristis pain. 9 out of 10 rating

 Mike W. Lewisville, TX



        ***  It works!  Image being able to put more revs on the ball...bowled a 258!  I did recommend and showed to a friend.  Wish to order anonther one.  

Charles W. Columbus, Ohio



The product works great.  I have arthritic knuckles and it solved that problem.  I have no pain when bowling.  I had to add some vise tape right on the appliance itself for a better fit...But it works great!

Jim U. - Thorton, Co.



My bowling buddy loves it.  If you ever make one for left handers let me know, thanks

Jim A. - Aurora, Ill.



     ***   I have hand pain from a broken middle finger.  I use Bowling Fingers regularly it has helped my game by giving my fingers support.  I would rate the overall experience using them a TEN

Wally B. - De Pere, WI



*** I'm very happy with the product.  Once I got used to the feel...I feel naked without it.
I'm considering buying a second to have as a backup.
My consistency in my game has improved.  Also getting closer to that 300 using Bowling Fingers. Last weekend I shot 279 and a 750 series.  Thank you. Bob O.

Bob O. - Oak Forest, Ill.



     ***    I shot 686 in my morning league and shot 661 in my evening league.  I haven't bowled that well all season!!  I would really like to order another set for myself as a backup!!  Thanks!

Melany B. - Aulander, NC


Update 3-8-17...Regarding the 300 game offer...Almost did it last night!!  First game was 280.  I went strike, 4 pin/spare, struck out for


Update 6-13-17...During league play I cannot tell you the number of times I am approached by people asking what am I wearing .  I would like to be a Rep for the product.  I know the positive feedback I have had and how many more people this could help in thier bowling game!



       ***  Hi it's Sherman, Those things are really nice!  They really give me some revs!...so        thank you again.

Sherman R. Pitts. PA. 





       *** Update;  My John took Gold in the North Carolina State Sr. Games using his Bowling Fingers!  His fingers don't hurt like mine do but he really likes the lift he gets when using them!
Melany B. N.C.





       *** Update;  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, My B.F. ! (Bowling Fingers)...I had the best game and series in as long as I can remember.  Shot a 299! with a 768 series...maybe next time the dang 10 pin will fall !
Melany B. N.C.





       *** I used your product for the first time last night.  It did increase my rev rate and allowed me to close with two deuces.  The only critique I had for it, being 6'5" and 310lbs, was the spread on the fingers was a little narrow.  Is this product made with a wider spread?  Thanks, otherwise a great product.
Carl W. 





       *** At first I was scared it would fly off my hand and go down the lane.  After a few test rolls I realized it would not come off and was quite secure.  I found I was able to relax my grip and still have plenty on the ball.  iT'S AS IF MY HAND GOT STRONGER WHILE WEARING IT. Perfect support device for those of us with smaller or weaker hands.  Thank you for the extra strength and a great product!
Jack H. U.S.





       *** I have used the bowling fingers twice since I recieved them and I must say it has improved my bowling.  I bowled a 200 game in both my leagues and see an improvement in my delivery.  A friend asked me to order one for him so I will be heading over to your website after I finish this e-mail to you.  Thanks!
Mike H. Clinton, MD





       *** "Your Bowlingfingers product has been a BOWLING LIFE-SAVER FOR ME!  Due to a fingers/wrist injury I had many years ago, I would not be able to bowl anymore with any kind of pain-free consistency & confindence w/o the support Bowlingfingers provides to my bowling hand fingers.
Thank you so much for creating this product that now allows me to feel no finger pain whatsoever while bowling!  I can easily bowl my league night series along with the 8 to 10 games of practice I roll on my practice day...as long as my wrist holds up!  This product is a "no-brainer" for anybody who loves to bowl...a little or alot!"
                                                   -Paul P., Sherwood, AR





       ***Recieved your product.  It was for my brother who used it 2 nights ago and had the highest series he has had in years.  Any plans for left handed bowlers, I would definitely purchase.  Thanks
                                                  -Gary R. Ocean, NJ-





       ***The BOWLING FINGERS SUPPORT is a great tool to add revs to your game.  I am a 69 year old bowler who is always looking to make my game stronger.  One of my issues has been having too low of a rev rate.  I am unable to snap my wrist or elbow in the new yo-yo release as the youth and Pros do.  
So I found Bowling Fingers.  They join my bowling fingers together; this helps both of my fingers to be involved in the release, which increases my rev rate.  I bowl in many leagues and on many patterns including a PBA league.  So when I need a higher rev rate, I I get My Bowling Fingers out of my tool kit, slide them on and enjoy the benefits of a higher rev rate.  Just like any other bowlers accessory it may not be for everybody but certainly works great for me and others that I have recommended this product to.  I have been a user of this product for 3 years with great sucess!
                                                  -Mike B. Az.-





       ***THANK YOU, Hi, I got the bowling fingers yesterday and today this evening I could try it for the first time.  Im pleased it worked as I expected and I did'nt have to use sport-tape.  It worked SO WELL I got a new personal best record!  Thanx !
                                             -Konsta, SWEDEN -





       ***I find I am able to lift the ball onto the lanes more which in turn gives me better ball reaction and more strikes.  I bowled my best series since September, a 613.  My fingers hurt less after bowling.  I probably have a little arthritis in those 2 fingers.  Thank you for the product.
                                               - Les, West Windsor NJ -





       ***I have used "Bowling Fingers" the last two weeks and am very happy with it.  It is the perfect reminder for me to "hit" the ball on release.  I was comfortable with them by mid 1st game of use.  I have recieved a lot of interest from other bowlers.  I have directed them to your website.  If I can help in any way, I would be happy to.  I am a believer in your product and would like to get them out to the bowlers!  Thank you! Sonny 
                                               - Sonny C., North Babylon, NY -





       ***Whew.......I love my bowling fingers, I tried them yesterday and am so pleased.  I was reminded right away to relax and let the ball come off my hand.  I have been trying various accessories and will be ordering another bowling finger back up.  I look forward to some great bowling and will share my success with others.  I wish you well and more profits.
                                               - Anthony De, Denver Co. -





       ***Thank you! is all I can say.  I am so happy that I bought these and I am going to order a second set.  I do have one issue, how can I prevent my pinky from hitting against the plastic? (place a little tape there for a more personal fit should work.)
                                               - Christopher G. ID. -





       ***Hi, Your Product has helped me tremendously.  I'm a no-thumb bowler and all my torque comes from the fingers.  I've been rolling in a 35 week long league on Tuesdays for 8 years now.  I'm grateful for your product, Thnak you!
                                               - Andrew Mc, MO. -





***WOW! I had recently begun bowling again after a 20+ year hiatus.  After a short time, my middle finger in particular, began to hurt and arthritis in the middle joint was causing me significant pain and lingering effect each time I bowled.  I received the product a few days after ordering and have bowled four times (3-4 games each) using "Bowling Fingers" and the pain and lingering effects of bowling 3-4 games have diminished greatly.  My scores continue to climb as I get used to using "Bowling Fingers" but no matter the score, I am grateful for "Bowling Fingers".  They have exceeded all of my expectations!


                                                              - Al K.  O'Fallon, MO. -




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